The new new site

Okay, so we are starting again after we just started again.


Well, turns out Docusaurus was a little too limiting. And the required directory structure was a little weird. The one cool thing was the built in light/dark mode toggle. That and it really was insanely simple plug and play.

But I wanted slightly more control without overdoing it. And I prefer my static sites to not rely on huge React libraries to function correctly.

I still recommend it if the only thing you want to think about was which folder you had to put things in.

I mean, I started this with realizing that trying to perfect the bespoke CMS I was creating for work and then using it for my personal site meant I would be ready to start using it some fifty years after I had shuffled off this mortal coil. So even a moderate amount of effort is a major improvement.

So, at the cost of not having a light/dark mode toggle built in, I decided to try 11ty.

So far so good. Complete with totally boring custom template and only one teeny JS function to handle a menu toggle. I have a dev folder for repos, a stage folder to build from, and, of course, a build folder to build to. And can even directly post my Asciidoc documents with nothing but a little additional header info (which I can also tell AsciiDoctor to ignore when transpiling them for other purposes).

And all working perfectly smoothly. ( *snerk* *giggle* Bwahahahaha! )

So once again happy until I am not happy again.