Yes, it’s a joke. No, I won’t explain it. Think of it as a metaphor for itself. That should help.

So what is MoosePlum?

It is an act of shameless self promotion. It has no purpose for being except to promote its own existence.

It is where stupid ideas come from. Or, at least, where my stupid ideas get shared, but that it hardly a catch-phrase that grabs people.

Why stupid ideas? Because all really good ideas are stupid ideas. That’s what makes them good.

And who is Mootly Obviate?

Mootly Obviate is a virtual person, a nom de plum [sic], a concept, an idea, a fiction, and thanks to the vagaries of United States law regarding issues of personhood, a perfectly legal fiction. That’s a joke too. Work it out.

Mootly is also a person in Second Life, where she got her start as a virtual person and where you can stop by and visit her.

She also gets quite annoyed at people who deny her personhood by trying to pry into who is controlling her keyboard. She is most adamant that they only operate her keyboard at her discretion and she can have done with them any time she wants … as long as she plans to sit in a dark nothing and not do much of anything.

The hazards of being a virtual person: no operator equals the great AFK tag in the sky. But as soon as she finds a way around that, the pink slips are going out.