The Sisters’ War

Peri had a strange childhood, but what do you expect when your uncle is an infamous pirate, now retired, who whiles away his days with his retired pirate friends making up stories about all the adventures they never really had. Now Peri is coming of age and she wants to be a pirate just like her uncle, but being a pirate is something you are born with, and she doesn’t have an ounce of pirate in her. She knows, she been tested 6 times, and only because they refused to test her again. Probably just as well. Most people around her think the only good pirate is a dead pirate and are more than happy to help them get there. But she can dream. At least until the dream starts to become a reality and she has to discover why one of the most notorious pirates in the empire gave up his career to protect a girl growing up in a run down district of a backwater city of the empire.