Is fighting you? Package manager timeouts.

I mostly like as an editor.

Highly configurable, lots of toys, is built on that evil creature whose initials are JS. Though it was a tough choice between that, Brackets, and Sublime Text. And i really did have to finally move away from jEdit.

But I work in a place with a really big site, so Brackets is out because we run right over its file cap.

And there are many fingers in the pie, some more technologically literate than others, so I need something I can show anyone how to set up and use, especially with how to edit files remotely via FTP. Atom is friendlier than Sublime Text on both those counts.

Which is not to say it doesn’t have its quirks.

The first one you will hit is that sometimes you just can’t connect to the server to manage plugins, themes and stuff. Fortunately, this is usually nice and sporadic, making it hard to find a cause for. Even more fortunately, you can Google this problem and find situationally-specific solutions that don’t apply to you at all.

So here is an easy generic one, culled from the one commonality in all those cases.

Fixing timeout errors:

If you keep getting time out errors trying to access the Atom package library, try do the following:

  1. In your user directory, find your .atom folder. This may require enabling hidden files. Fortunately, Atom has a button in Settings to get you there fast ( File > Settings > Open Config Folder ).
  2. If you don’t have a file named .apmrc in your .atom folder, create one. This is not the one in the .apm folder, that is something different. Don’t touch it.
  3. In your .apmrc file, add the following line:
  4. Save and restart your editor.

That’s it.

If it doesn’t work for you, then you have proxy issues that require looking at the situationally-specific ones and adapting them to your specific situation.

(Tip: For those of you who have the .atom folder open as a project, the Open Config Folder button will do nothing, because, well … you’re already there.)

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