Stupid ideas: tweets

Welcome to wonders of sometimes reliable, invisible, and utterly incomprehensible little electronic servants to do your work for you. Truly amazing. Wish I’d thought of it first.

These days, no self-respecting act of self-promotion can be complete without taking advantage of cross posting across multiple outlets, preferably social outlets, which all claim to be there to help you. Maybe that needs irony quotes too.

So along with the reboot of this, I have WordPress tweeting my posts for me through the magic of plugins. They even sometimes work like they are supposed to.

And it fits the topic. Twitter is perhaps the granddaddy of all stupid ideas.

Post the minutiae of your life in 140 character snippets?


Except maybe in China and Japan where, even allowing for multibyte representation, that is 50+ words. Even then, what is the business model? How do you make money off people complaining to all their friends that the first bite of their taco had no meat in it with heated discussion of what the next bite will bring?

(Okay, that is way better than listening to two people have the same conversation at the table next to you. Thankfully, they finally found some meat and quite down a bit to chew.)

But look at how wildly successful Twitter is! It is like Trivial Pursuit without the need to actually know anything.

That is pretty darn awesome.

It is right up there with charging people to use the buffer space in a cell phone connection request to send each other messages because it is far more expensive to pretend to make a call than it is to just plain make a call.

It only proves the point: the best ideas are stupid ideas.


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