Stupid ideas: reflexive self-promotion

What do you have when you have a product whose only purpose is to promote itself?

A Web site!

I wish I could lay claim to the idea of creating a Web site whose sole purpose in life is to promote itself. Unfortunately, about 75% of the Web sites in the world already beat me there.

But the idea of something existing only to promote itself … successfully … is an important concept. It is not unique to the Web, but the Web may have taken simple self-interest, or self-obsession if you prefer, and turned it into high art. It used to be a domain reserved for politicians and snake oil salesmen. Now it is something anyone can do, and reach a global audience doing it.

So here I am creating a Web site that does nothing but promotes itself.

The goal of this site is to come up with at least one stupid idea a week that falls into one of these categories:

  • A marketable product.
  • A marketable service.
  • A marketable concept.
  • A meme … which, if it is a good one, markets itself.
  • Some parody of one or more of the above.

If the site develops a following, I will even market some of the marketable things. The memes will remain free though. A fettered meme, like words trapped in the pages of an unread book, is no meme at all.

This is also a place to rant and rave a bit about the best and the worst of what is already out there. But the goal is to actively avoid being a personal interest aggregator in favor being a source of new ideas.

So why stupid ideas? Because all really good ideas are stupid ideas. That’s what makes them good. Smart thinking may yield incremental progress, but stupid ideas, for good or for ill, are game changers.

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