The Pirate Moot, Chapter 2: You just need a catalyst

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There were plenty of questions that got answered when Ornery returned after two years without so much as a letter, though not immediately, and probably not of the important ones. Okay, really, most of the answers weren’t answers at all.

“Where where you?”

“Had to go someplace.”

“What were you doing?”



“To escape all yer questions.”

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The Pirate Moot, Chapter 1: A story is continued

Table of Contents

I leaped dramatically though the hatch on to the deck, successfully dodging any new explosions that didn’t happen anyway, doing a roll across the deck and springing smoothly to my feet all on one smooth move.

Absolutely no one noticed.

Everyone was too busy paying attention the small fleet of pirate ships chasing after us. Even Officer Puppy had his back to me.

It was not my greatest moment.

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