Template progress

Work is moving along slowly but surely with building out a new site template.

I ran up against the limits of PHP-SASS really fast, so invested in CodeKit to manage all my compiles and frameworks so they are not cluttering my template files.

The really fun roadblock that took two evenings of dedicated head/screen pounding was definitely @if. Encountered all sorts of fun things of the form of:


If that one isn’t causing smoke to come out of your ears, well then.

That was the point where I went: Hmmm, what’s the easiest was to install compass? A nice, idiot proof, command-line free approach preferred. (See above.)

Anyway, the current state of things can be seen below.

It is fully responsive. Lots of nifty break points, but just two critical ones to manage the device to PC changeover. Element sizes based on font sizes based on screen size. Collapses to single column at 1024 on the assumption anyone on 1024 or less is on a tablet or mobile device. Still have to cap the upper limit for people with those wrap around wide-screen displays who think Web browsers should always be full screen. For them I have  special place in designer hell.

Still have to figure out how to get Twig to include back and forward buttons, post meta info, and Gravatar stuff for comments.


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