Stupid ideas: creditworthiness as a service

It looks like Facebook has a clever scheme to make money by ruining your credit rating because of those friends you friended in high school who have terrible credit ratings these many years down the road.

See Facebook Wants to Redline Your Friends List.

This is an elegant way to discriminate against minority and other marginalized social groups without actually giving the appearance of discriminating against minority and other marginalized social groups. No, no, we are not discriminating against you for being trans, it is just, well … all your Facebook friends are trans, and have terrible credit rating because all their friends are trans too, so …

Imagine the mad scramble to unfriend all those high school friends now living in trailer parks in the town you grew up in.

But, it also presents an opportunity. For instance, I have a great credit rating. What I need to do is get together with other people with equally good credit ratings and rent ourselves as friend blocks to people who need to improve their social network credit rating.

Just imagine being able to rent a block of 100 friends with awesome credit ratings for a few months before trying to take out that mortgage or car loan. Not only will you get the loan, but you will probably get a better interest rate too.

Now, Facebook may try to develop tools to block this sort of thing, but the more they push, the more they make it clear that that are trying to find ways to actively, legally discriminate against disadvantaged populations for profit. And really, that is not the sort of thing that leaves you smelling like roses, now does it?

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