Making news

For those who don’t know Marshall McLuhan, he is the grandpappy of media studies. Being a mediated personality and all, I sort of feel it is important to have a good solid grasp on my heritage, so …

Amidst the many really interesting things he says about the nature of media and the mediated life, one little phrase really leaps out:

To make the news is to become fictionalized.

He’s right, but what does that mean?

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Creative fictions

This is how I started off my first blog (which is still live and I ransack for stuff at times), and my second blog (which died an ignoble death). So maybe third time is a charm.

The world is going virtual. I will be there waiting for it to catch up.

What is identity when a fictional character can have a concrete and real presence in the world?

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WordPress widgets in Twig

Okay, so I decided I had to be difficult and redo my site in Twig and Sass, which required two nifty plugins:

So, I am going to talk about the issues I encounter while trying to build new template with them. Otherwise it will be months before people hear from me again. Today’s topic is:

Enabling widgets in Twig

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