Okay, so what did I mean when I said that:

I think people are becoming so subsumed under their signifiers that their signifiers are becoming more real than they are. This was a category of non-existence that was once reserved for nobility, but is now available, if not actively imposed, on every person dealing with modern society.

More specifically, what did I mean about it being reserved for nobility?

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Stupid ideas: tweets

Welcome to wonders of sometimes reliable, invisible, and utterly incomprehensible little electronic servants to do your work for you. Truly amazing. Wish I’d thought of it first.

These days, no self-respecting act of self-promotion can be complete without taking advantage of cross posting across multiple outlets, preferably social outlets, which all claim to be there to help you. Maybe that needs irony quotes too.

So along with the reboot of this, I have WordPress tweeting my posts for me through the magic of plugins. They even sometimes work like they are supposed to.

And it fits the topic. Twitter is perhaps the granddaddy of all stupid ideas.

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The metonymous self

Why can people prove who they are with a legal document, but not prove who they are by being them? If we take a legal document to be the inscription of a legal fiction upon the world (the creation of a contrived state of being within an abstracted system or structuring reality), does that mean that any legal representation of identity is also a fiction? Furthermore, does that mean identity, in the sense of a legally binding one, itself is a fiction?

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The Pirate Apprentice, Chapter 1: A story is attempted

Table of Contents

Let me tell you a story—

“Not now!” shouted a voice through the hatch. Rather gruffly, I might add.

That would be Ornery. Ornery is very good at being gruff. But calling him Gruffly would just be weird.

Sometimes I call him Gruffly anyway.

“Why not?” I shouted back.

“We’re under attack!” shouted Ornery, more loudly, or at least more gruffly.

“So … ?”

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Keeping it ratio-nal

Found a wonderful toy to add to the redesign of my Website.

Something I was reading led me to an article on A List Apart titled More Meaningful Typography.

The key takeaway from the article was use meaningful modular scales in setting your font sizes so that there is proportion and balance as fonts scale.

The article came with two toys:
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